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Installing or changing guitar strings without tools might seem complex but it is easily feasible. All you need is the correct replacement of strings for your guitar and you are ready to go. This might be a little time consuming, since tools make the process easier for you, but by following a proper guideline you will find yourself enjoying your renewed guitar even without them. Therefore, these days Classical Guitars has it’s worth as best money guitar.

Why Should I Change My Guitar Strings? What You’ll Need

Follow the given guidelines step by step:

  1. To begin with, you might want to lay your guitar on a flat or smooth surface to prevent scratches and other damage to the guitar.
  2. Unwind all the six strings from the tuning key.
  3. Push the strings down and pull the bridge pin; if pushing the string in isn’t working, try sticking your hand inside.
  4. Insert the new string (from its round, ball shaped end) and make sure it is aligned with the bridge pin.
  5. Once it’s aligned, put it in half and pull the guitar string. At the same time, you need to push the bridge pin in and make sure it’s tight. Repeat the procedure for the other strings.
  6. Put the string through the tuning key and pull it super tight. Use your index finger and thumb, place it on the nut and pull the string back about one or half an inch for the slack. Make sure the end of the string is facing upwards.
  7. Now rotate the keys away from you. Once it’s tight enough, you are done. Coil the remaining string.

These same steps are to be repeated for all six strings. You are now done replacing your old or broken strings with new ones without any tool.

When to Change your Strings?

The process of changing strings of an electric guitar might be easier than you think. You don’t need to seek professional help every time the strings are to be changed. Just follow the simple steps given below.

Some tools you will need are as follows:

  1. wirecutter
  2. peg winders
  3. pliers
  4. new guitar strings
  5. cloth to wipe the guitar

Though one can change strings even without tools but the tools makes the process smoother and easier for you.

How To Take Right Steps To Change Strings on Acoustic Guitar?

A step by step guide is given below:

  1. Lay the guitar on a smooth surface to avoid scratching the guitar.
  2. Loosen the strings. Don’t cut them for they are at their full tension and can cut or poke your fingers or the eye.
  3. Now start removing the strings(keep a note of how they were originally installed so that it is easier for you to reinstall the new strings)
  4. Use this opportunity to clean the guitar from the places which weren’t easily approachable when the strings were on.
  5. Get the bridge pins out with the help of peg winder or pliers.
  6. For installing new strings the most important point is to get your slack correct. Grab the string and pull it through the tuning key. Hold the string tight, use your other fingers to pull back the string for almost an inch, and then you will have your slack.
  7. Take the slacked part of your string and wrap it around the tuning post, make sure you wrap towards the inside of the headstock. Bend the excess part of your string upwards so that it’s out of your way.
  8. The new wraps should be underneath the part of the string that is already in the tuning post for this makes a clamp that not only holds the string in place but also keeps the tension the same in different tuners, resulting in a smoother turning motion.
  9. Once a string is making a note, and is held in place you can cut the excess of the string.
  10. Afterward, you can tune your electric guitar. There are so many ways to tune your guitar these days; you can get a headstock tuner from local music stores, tuning apps on smartphones and in many other ways.

Once you tune your guitar you are ready to play easiest electric guitar.

How to Change Acoustic Guitar Strings As Beginners?

Tools that you need:

  1. New guitar strings
  2. Pliers
  3. String winder
  4. Cloth to clean the guitar

Replacing guitar strings is not as difficult as it sounds. You can do it with or without tools; all you need are suitable guitar strings for replacement.

  1. Find yourself a flat and smooth surface, for you wouldn’t want scratches on your guitar.
  2. Start by loosening the strings, cutting them might hit and cut your hand or poke you in the eye because of the tension in the strings. Uncoil the strings from the tuning peg.
  3. Either memorize the pattern with which the strings were originally installed or change the strings one by one.
  4. If you are removing all strings, take that opportunity to clean the dust from the guitar which you cannot when strings are on.
  5. Remove the bridge pin using a string winder or Pliers. Discard the old or broken strings.
  6. Uncoil your new string and insert it halfway, place the bridge pin back in a way that its carved slot aligns with the string. Pull the string lightly as you push in the bridge pin.
  7. Align the string with the headstock of the guitar and pass it through the tuning hole, with the help of your index finger and thumb which are to be placed on the nut. Pull the string lightly for at least one inch for the slack.
  8. Now with the help of a string winder tighten the string in a way that the new wrap should be underneath the part of the string that is already in the tuning post. Do not tighten the string too much.
  9. Repeat for all the strings. Next is tuning and then you are ready to go!

You might not be able to get perfect results as a good sound guitar in the first try. But practice will help you achieve your goal.

Most Frequently Asked Question? (FAQ’S)

What is the proper way to string a guitar?

Loosen the string before removing or cutting them, for cutting them at their tension might hurt your finger or poke you in the eye. Remove the bridge pin with the help of peg winders or pliers. Insert the new strings and as you push in the bridge pin pulls the string slightly. Pass the string through the tuning peg and pull the string by an inch for the slack.  With the help of a peg, winders tighten your strings make sure the strings are wrapped towards the inside of the headstock and after some tuning, you are done.

Is it hard to string a guitar?

Stringing a guitar is not as hard as it sounds. One of the things you might find yourself worrying about could be how to do it without tools, however; tools are not a compulsion for this process. All you need is the correct replacement of strings for your guitar and proper guidance.

How to change acoustic guitar strings for beginners?

Start by putting your guitar on a soft and smooth surface to prevent scratches to the guitar. Now loosen the strings of your guitar, and remove them carefully from the tuning peg. With the help of peg winders or pliers pull out the bridge pin. Uncoil the new strings and insert their (round, ball shaped end) and align it with the carved end of the bridge pin and press, as you press the bridge pin pull the string slightly. Align the string with the tuning peg. Now pass the strings from the tuning peg, pull the string by an inch, and then you will have your slack. Using peg winders tighten the strings. Make sure the new wrap should be underneath the part of the string that is already in the tuning post, your strings and guitar are now as good as new. The last step is tuning and you are good to go!

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