How Much Does Guitar Center Pay for Guitars? Does it Worth

One of the toughest decisions in the life of a guitarist is to sell their guitar. Guitar owners always have a special attachment with their guitars. It may be the emotional value or physical value of the object that makes the parting way more difficult than we anticipate. No matter what circumstances, you always want your instrument in at least good hands. Though, getting the right pricing for your instrument also matters a lot. In most cases, you’d find yourself wondering where to begin selling anyways. The most typical option that you would have is going to Buy a guitar under 300 before to go to the centre.

A guitar centre is basically a retailer chain. It is the largest American music retailer chain with over 269 locations.

Going by the facts, you might think that going to a guitar centre is your best option. However, the reality is that you can rarely make money by trading your instrument at a guitar centre. On the contrary, there is a better option available to you which involve selling privately.

Selling privately implies that you find yourself a buyer and trade your instrument for money at the price that you want. This also requires that your instrument is in a specific condition that you price it accordingly and your buyer is willing to accept that deal.

Though to hammer on a guitar, why even sell your guitar to a guitar centre or music store then?

The answer to that is speed and convenience. You can actually skip the hassle and simply go for selling your instrument instead of going through the trouble of finding yourself a legitimate buyer. You can also avoid being scammed by some shady buyers. So going to the music stores of guitar centres ensures your safety as a seller.

While you might not get paid the amount that your instrument is worth, but you can at least avoid the adventure of having to deal with a flaky customer. You can also avoid the struggle of creating sale ads and avoid having to deal with damage responsibilities during shipping.

The Process – How to Do Guitar Trade Right Way

There are, however some measures that can be taken prior to a guitar trade which is as follows,

  • Research your guitar and its possible pricing
  • Look up the pricing of guitars that are the same model or at least similar to your guitar
  • Check out the seller’s list and how much have others sold their instruments for. This will give you a better idea of how much do guitar centres pay for guitars.
  • Don’t look for the pricings of the private party; always check out the completed sales instead.
  • Put your sentiments aside. Your guitar may have sentimental value to you but that doesn’t matter for guitar centres, all they care for is how much can they sell your instrument for after they take it away from you.
  • Always decide your lower limit beforehand. Before going to a guitar centre you should be clear about the lowest pricing that you are willing to accept for your instrument. This will allow you to actually access where you stand.
  • Music stores would offer at least 50 per cent of what they think they can get out from your instrument later. So be prepared to be offered less than what you’d get from selling your guitar privately.
  • Do not share your lowest price range with guitar shops. If they think that you can settle you for less, you might even get lower pricing over your guitar than you expected.
  • Finally, prepare your guitar to be sold. Clean your guitar and its casing. Stretch the strings and tune them perfectly. It’s also better to get it polished so that it looks good. The presentation alone might change what you expect guitar centres to pay you.
  • Find a store that is willing to accept a used guitar or trade-ins and get to negotiating.

Act like whatever offer they make to you is low even if it’s not, resist the pressure of going for a down pricing just because you think that the guitar centre might not pay for this. Realize that whatever offer they are presenting you with is actually keeping their own profit to buy right guitar under 2000 in consideration.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How much does Guitar centre charge for setup?

The guitar setups may charge according to the amount of work that is to be done. Professional setups may vary in cost depending upon how much work is required for the setup. The pricing will also vary region by region and may even be dependent upon the bass. It is better to ask about the pricing of setup even though most shops might even do it as an additional service and some might ask you to pay for it. The charges depend upon the guitar centre.

Is selling to Guitar Centre worth it?

The main thing about selling to a guitar centre is that they’d resell the instrument at 50 to 60 per cent profit compared to what they originally bought it from. So if we were to go by monetary worth, then the guitar centre might not be the best choice. However, it would be a good choice if one wants to avoid the hassle of doing private sales.

How much should I pay for a used guitar?

Paying for a used guitar highly depends upon the condition of the guitar. Though people do buy used guitars at high pricing if those used guitars are very old or are worth enough to be considered as vintage guitars. Other than that, the worth of normal guitars depends upon how much they are maintained and what condition they are in. If you are paying for a used guitar then make sure that the instrument is worth the money that you bought it with.


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