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The 8 Best Value Electric Guitar Carry on 2020 Reviews

Everyone has their choice and opinion in the selection of Best Value Electric Guitar. To find out the best guitar that is affordable and valuable product is most tricky and challenging. Cause you have a huge number of options but unable to make a decision which product is fine and suitable for playing amazing sound. The best things vary from player to player as per their choice and it would become a very personal thing.

Today we are here and trying to highlight the way that how you can choose the most you like. High-end brands yet also providing affordable and budget instruments without making a large profit. These guitars that are under budget have some rocking features that usually see in high tag brands. But when we talk about professional guitar players then they never compromise on the quality and features.

What to Have Look Before Buying Value Guitar?

The singers and the professionals always like the acoustic-electric guitar because of its amazing features and specifications. We bring some best sort of guitars for the players either they are professional or the beginners. These are available and highly recommended best electric guitar brands. If you are searching price worthy product than also import the quality. Then we highly recommend cheap electric guitar for playing any skill and sound that you want to play.

When buying the best electric guitar then you have to consider a few points in mind while purchasing. Check the quality of wood and the hardware that is using. But keep all the things in mind that is in your personal preferences. Pickup frequency, the body style of guitars, and strings matter a lot. Because pickup factors and preferences in results give you various types of tones and sounds. That could be jazz, country, and rock. From lightweight to solid heavyweight from warm sound to other sweet sound guitars are available here.

To avoid getting deal that with bad quality and unbalancing sound. You should go for a reliable and versatile brand that ever gives you surety of products as well as sound quality. Different big brands are accessible over the market with a good projection of sound. If you an avid player and passionate about playing. Then you surely know about brands and the quality features that are necessary for playing perfect balancing sound with the best value electric guitar under $1000.

The 8 Top Value Electric Guitar – Comparison Table

ProductBrandColorBody MaterialPrice
Squier by Fender FenderSurf GreenPoplar
ESP LTD ViperESP GuitarsBlackWood
Yamaha Pacifica YamahaBlackAgathis
Squier by FenderFenderButterscotch BlondeWood
Ibanez Artcore IbanezTobacco FlatMahogany
ESP LTD ESP GuitarsPurple SparkleAlder Wood
Schecter OMENSchecterVWHTBasswood
Fender 6 StringFenderBlackWood

Our Top Pick of Best Value Electric Guitar Reviews

Yet, you can purchase valuable and best mid-range electric guitar independent of market sellers from the online stores. But without touching and playing how we can consider either this guitar is suitable for playing or not. Then trustable review and guide would be best and helpful to pick a dreamy guitar with standard features. Let’s take a look at these guitars and make a decision best value electric guitar used!

1. Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Cheap Electric Guitars For Sale

The classic Stratocaster electric guitar that gets from the fender affinity series is considered one of the best budget guitars with all the features that you want to get for playing good sound. The advanced features of Squier are also added with strat and make it double effective for playing. Slim and comfortable playing have C shaped modern profile with bolt-on maple neck. This best budget guitar acoustic brand model has all leading features that are necessary for good sound playing.

Satin neck finish used product has a double-cutaway body made from alder. Maple fretboard with 21 frets this Squier by fender is made an amazing sound with single-coil strat pickups and five-way pickups and master control allow you to produce good quality sound. The sweet sound is surprising that you never get from the affordable guitars. For smooth and accurate tuning the sealed die-cast tuning machine is added. So, don’t lose this great choice in this perfect price.


Squier by Fender always gives you the classical choice of Stratocaster electric guitar. That is made of a satin finish with a maple neck C shaped profile. That is considered one of the modern classical choices with double-cutaway body shape and single-coil strat pickups with five-way pickups that give you amazing sound. With 21 frets the smooth and balancing sound, this guitar is considered one of the best choices among all. If you love maple neck and modern neck then you should go and check it at amazon.

  • Slim and comfortable modern neck
  • Satin neck finish that makes it gorgeous
  • The budget model that show all quality features
  • Double cutaway body
  • 5-way switching pickups
  • Truss rod issue
  • Have bullet-style bridge not same as in the picture


2. ESP LTD Viper Electric Guitar

Top Best Value Electric Guitar

Another choice is available here with ESP LTD Viper EC-10. In a very less amount, you will get the guitar that has a rocking style and have an amazing playable neck. The well-constructed guitar is made of gloss black and has a single-cutaway body style that is made of solid basswood. The other things that you will get from this guitar are U shaped bolt-on maple neck and have rosewood fretboard.

Best electric guitar under 400 have 24 extra-jumbo frets make it able to play very smoothly and quickly. For hard sound, rock, blues, metal, and another sound can be made with cool double-cutaway body shape. Two ESP designed and LH-100 humbucking pickups give you great sound. Most of the people love it dues its amazing features and also traveling bag with viper 10-kit. With the help of a bridge position and maple neck, you can make enough loud rocking warm sound.


If you are the players with rosewood fretboard and jumbo frets playing then we recommend you to go with ESP LTD viper electric guitar. That always gives you a smooth, loud, and warm sound option which is one of the wonderful options in playing. Double cutaway body shape and maple neck both play a very important role in making a good sound that is smooth and balancing. Humbucking pickups with viper 10-kit best choice for the beginners to intermediate.

  • Smooth and warm sound playing
  • Humbucking pickups
  • Well-constructed double-cutaway body shape
  • 24 jumbo size frets that make the playing fast and quick
  • Perfectly play metal, hard rock, blues, and many other styles.
  • Fret buzz is associated with 14 and 15 frets


3. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012 Electric Guitar

Best Mid Range Electric Guitar

Yamaha Pacifica a good name in the market when you are looking for good musical instrument guitar that is Best overall valued Guitar. Then we never let this guitar down at any cost as per the amazing budget features as well as the good quality features. The Pacifica series PAC012 electric guitar has features as made of aga this body with 22 frets, maple bolt-on neck, and snorkeling fingerboard. These are the preferring features that Yamaha giving you for rocking sound.

The Pacifica series is known as one of the best playing musical instruments with a very initial amount around you. HSS configuration of the guitar has 5 ways of switching and toggling that help you to make pretty good sound with this cheap electric guitar under 50. This guitar produces vintage warmth with great intonation. For instant vintage, the whammy bar also added. So, you need to check it as this product almost perform the same as the rosewood body guitars.


When you have less amount in your pocket and also want to fulfill your desire like having electric brand guitars. Then Yamaha always helps you and gives you surprising features that work very fast. The features included an Agathis body with 22 frets, bolt-on maple neck, and have 5 switching ways. These features are basic and most important that produce unique and amazing quality sound. Yamaha Pacifica produces vintage warmth and also instant vintage with a whammy. The customers are very satisfied with the purchase and have a good experience.

  • Good looking perfect quality guitar
  • Best for beginners and intermediate
  • Have 4 toggling ways.
  • Comes with 22 frets
  • Can produce instant vintage with whammy
  • Price worthy product
  • Have little buzz sound issue


4. Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster

Best Budget Guitar Acoustic

Squier by Fender is always a good brand name in the market regarding best value electric acoustic guitar uk playing. Smooth and good playability features you always get with Squier. Fender affinity telecaster is always my favorite choice that never hurt me. That’s why I am gonna share honest reviews with you. For aspiring musicians, we think that it’s a good valuable and perfect playing guitar.

Two single-coil telecaster pickups give sound just like the original solid-body electric guitar. For any style of playing the C shape standard modern profile give stable and balancing sound in any style of playing and also comfort. For optimal tuning stability, the top load telecaster bridge helps a lot and makes changes in the strings. Without a large budget, this choice is excellent for beginners who just want to make practice and get good sound outcomes.


Rocking sound and stability in the playing both are a requirement of playing with guitars. People love the guitar that provides balancing tuning and has a modern shape that provides comfort playing with any style. Then never forget the Squier By Fender which is always a brilliant choice for the players either they are expert and professional. But the beginners and the hobby playing love this affinity telecaster guitar. You can make sure the reviews and ratings at amazon best value electric guitar amplifier.

  • Excellent beginner guitar
  • Perfect quality in low price
  • Modern C shaped profile with full comfort
  • Give amazing playability feature
  • Provide optimal tuning stability
  • Not comfortable with the left hand
  • Intonation is terrible


5. Ibanez Artcore AF55 Hollow-Body Electric Guitar

Best Budget Electric Guitar For Metal

Yes, now we have another perfect tone and amazing playability featured guitar and you already know about the brand name Ibanez. This cheap electric guitars for sale comes with a hollow body and one best choice of the electric guitar. This brand gives you sound like jazz, blues, country, and rock. If you are looking for enough versatile and inexpensive guitar then we have another perfect choice with Ibanez Artcore AF55. Let’s have a look at the stunning features that make it rocking as per the other high price tag brands best value electric guitar under 500.

Complete hollow body all-maple provides enough resonance without feedback. Which is an amazing choice for mute jazz tone and fully perfect from alt-rock to pounding punk? Mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard is a delight to the digits. ACH-ST humbucker pickups at the neck and ACH-ST at the bridge give you a beefy, quiet signal with pronounced mids. At a reasonable price, you never get such a high amazing featured guitar in the market.


The perfect choice becomes when you know about your preference and have a deep eye on the features that are required to play. Everyone has their taste and choice. But for every type of sound playing especially for mute jazz tone then Ibanez Artcore is hell amazing at amazon. At a reasonable price with minor weak points that are not dominated over the other features, you have to make this choice.

  • Humbucking pickups
  • Perfect for every type of sound playing
  • Good quality and comfortable playing
  • Worth to money product
  • Full hollow-body electric guitar
  • Not perfect to play while sitting
  • Fret buzz sound


6. ESP LTD KH-602 Signature Series

Best Value Used Electric Guitar

Have you wondered to get a guitar that offers everything that is required? Then stop worrying about it. Yet ESP LTD KH-602 with signature series Hammett best cheap electric guitar for a beginner under 300. From high-quality neck to all other bridges and versatility of product you will get from this guitar. Comfortable playing and stable in the sound instrument are considering winning choice among all. At the affordable price you now you will get this perfect choice for playing rocking sounds.

Extra thin U shaped neck that is made of maple and body with alder is a comfortable and stunning choice. Best playability guitar has features Pau Ferro fingerboard with 24 extra-jumbo frets and Kirk Hammett’s skull-and-bones inlays. Regarding performance and intensive music the guitar is designed very professional and ever perfect for the top players and also for the beginners. Another amazing thing about the product comes also with the left-hand version.


Players who want to make live performance and intensive music. Then ESP LTD KH-602 is the best choice that gives you all the features that are important and have a playing effect. The signature series has a U shaped body with a maple neck. The alder body guitar provides a comfortable playing experience with 24 jumbo frets and Kirk Hammett’s skull-and-bones inlays. Regarding performance and stability in sound, people love this choice best value electric guitar blues.

  • Comfortable alder body guitar
  • Available both in the original black and also purple finish
  • U shaped maple neck
  • Comes with 24 jumbo frets
  • Best intensive music playing guitar
  • Inexpensive comfortable playing
  • Good pickups but have too little bit more dynamic


7. Schecter OMEN-6 6-String Electric Guitar

Best Electric Guitar Brands

Vintage white best 6 string electric guitar that is offered for beginners, seasoned players, and also for the professionals. The fantastic guitar not only has a good attractive look but one of the versatile and worth money guitars products. Great sounding components of Schecter Omen-6 is famous in the market. That’s why most of the players come and go with it. High quality built guitar allows you to produce rock and best budget electric guitar for metal sound without any buzz.

Durable and quality made the good value guitar have a basswood body with a bolt-on maple neck. Rosewood fretboard and diamond plus pickups are comfortable in playing and keep the sound in tone for a long time. However, the other unique features with Omen have a black Schecter tuner and tune-o-Matic bridge. Sturdy construction and the great sounding guitar comes with high-quality features in affordable price that is good for beginners and seasonal players best value electric guitar strings.


Our second last choice with Schecter never let you down in terms of quality products by spending less amount. Vintage white this guitar has 6 string and very amazing playing experience for the beginners and seasonal players. Rosewood fretboard and diamond pickups allow you to make rock and metal sound. The customer that is already with this brand are very satisfied and have worthy experience. You can check the reviews and ratings at amazon.

  • Sturdy construction good playing guitar
  • Allow you to play with full comfort
  • High quality affordable guitar
  • Have Schecter Diamond Plus Pickups
  • Claimed that color is not the same as in the picture


8. Fender 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Best Cheap Electric Guitar For Beginner

Solid-body is always a loving choice which provides better playing experience mostly in the rich sound and high-end performance. Fender 6 string guitar is one of the Squier affinity series products that always provide the best value in playing instruments. Aspiring musicians ever love this choice and perfectly designed for them. With 3 single-coil pickups, you will get an authentic Stratocaster tone with this Fender best budget electric guitar package.

The highlighted features are C shaped modern neck that allows you to play any style of music with full comfort and easiness that you want to play. Tremolo Bridge with vintage-style synchronized provides classic strat shimmer. The flexible Fender sound with vintage style guitar uses an eye-catching finish that makes it super graceful. You get a wonderful experience with this inexpensive guitar that also comes with a whammy bar instead of the best value used electric guitar.


Fender no more needs to introduce this guitar product for you if you are a player of guitar. But if you are beginners then surely heard and see the name while research. Squier by Fender a classical choice in terms of quality and amazing features in the market. 6 string solid body guitar has 3 single-coil pickups and has a modern C shaped profile. Vintage style guitar is comfort in playing and durable and you ever found this great.

  • Classical musical instrument with high-end performance
  • 3 single-coil pickups
  • Vintage style
  • C shaped modern neck guitar
  • Flexible and comfortable in playing
  • Claimed that have no humbucker pickup
  • The tone is not good


Summing It Up!

First, we trying to describe the brand that is trusted and hope in the listed brand of your choice. Every brand trying to make products that are perfect in playing and worth money. But here point comes that it’s quite difficult to choose good and bad from a lot of options where you have an ultimate choice with other brands of best electric guitar under 200. Instead of the searching product on the stores, you first should check the reviews and the best choice among all. As we choose for you with all good playing guitar.

Here in this article of Best Value Electric Guitar, you are sticky with the brands Taylor, Squier, Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha, ESP, and a few more. That provides a versatile, comfortable, rice playability feature, and allow you to make every type of sound. Your preference in the selection of guitar matter more than anything else. After that check the available guitar and narrow it down which choice is better for you. I hope all this guitar would help you in selection. Good Luck with fine tuners bridges the best value electric guitar!

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