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The 10 Best Looking Electric Guitars Carry on 2020 Reviews

Unarguably, to finding the best looking electric guitars is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world, and playing it is a life-changing experience that could open a wide range of prospects for you. Except you’ve been living under a rock all your life, you must have heard about this amazing instrument.

While the guitar is an instrument that is easy to fall in love with, choosing best looking electric guitar could be the most challenging task in your life, considering there are so many specifications and technicalities to sort through.

What To Have Buying for Good Looking Electric Guitars?

This guide is one of the most comprehensive ones you will ever find on best looking electric guitars. Before buying your electric guitar, the following are the things that must be kept in mind which includes some electric guitar guide for beginners.

  • Scale Length

Scale length is the string’s vibrating length. The scale length affects both the note’s tone quality and the string’s tension at a particular pitch.

  • Bridge Systems

Although choosing between different types of bridges can be a difficult decision, to make things easier, it is better to pick one that is suitable for your personal music taste and your skill level.

  • Some Extra Features

You also need to consider extra features such as fret scale and the number of frets. Usually, an electric guitar has 21, 22, or 24 frets. While frets are integral to the quality of music produced by your guitar, it is unnecessary to make adjustments to it unless you’re are experienced and find it absolutely necessary.

The 10 Best Looking Electric Guitars

ProductBrandColorBody MaterialPrice
Music Alley 6 StringMusic AlleyNaturalSwamp Ash
WINZZ 40 InchesWINZZBlackBasswood
Best Choice ProductsBest Choice BlackWood
ZENY 39" Full SizeZENYBlackWood
Smartxchoices 30" SmartxchoicesBlueSolid Wood
RockJam 6 StringRockJamSunburstBasswood
LyxPro Full SizeLyxProSunburstWood
Best Choice Products Best ChoiceRedBasswood

Our Top Pick Best Looking Electric Guitars Reviews

In this analysis, I’ll show you the top choices for the best looking electric guitar in 2020.

The following are the top eight best electric guitars of all time.

1. Music Alley 6 String Junior Guitar – Right Handed, Natural (MA34-N)

Music Alley 6 String Junior Guitar

The Music Alley is the most popular electric guitar brands specializes in making musical instruments for the next generation of musicians. Music Alley instruments are designed by musicians for musicians.

The Music Alley Junior Guitar Pack is the perfect choice for young budding guitarists. This unique sounding guitar features nylon strings that produce crisp notes without hurting small fingers, and a lightweight contoured body makes it comfortable to learn, play, and master and the guitar. It is suitable for ages 5-8.

The linden body of this Music Alley acoustic guitar generates a warm tone.


Easier on the fingers and warmer sounding on the ears the nylon strings present on the Music Alley acoustic guitar are designed to ensure hours of comfortable play. Hence, it is excellent for children.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to play
  • Need tuning


2. WINZZ 40 Inches Cutaway – Acoustic Guitar Beginner Starter Bundle

Winzz 40 Inches Cutaway

WINZZ is the brand of the fretted instrument of Aileen Music Co., Ltd. Aileen Music has been providing musical instruments around the globe for more than 25 years and is known for quality products, competitive styles, and timely delivery.

With its stunning blue top, this WINZZ acoustic guitar looks gorgeous on stage or in your practice room. This is a great option for a new player — it’s handcrafted with a durable body that’s easy to handle for teenagers and adults. The included bag, tuner, strap, and other supplies allow you to get going immediately.

This model comes in three variants: deep green, black, and red. The cutaway body has a hand-rubbed finish to show wood grain with color for a retro, stylish look.

This high-end electric guitar comes with a full bundle, including a padded bag, clip-on digital tuner, a strap, three picks, an all Around soundhole pickup, and even a guitar stand for display. The top and body are Linden plywood, and this model has quality steel strings for a contemporary sound.


 For those who are particular about having a stand-out style in their guitar, but don’t want to pay top dollar, the WINZZ beginner acoustic is an excellent option. Hence, it is the best electric guitar ever.

  • Attractive, stylish look in three color options
  • Steel strings
  • Includes full package of accessories
  • Features soundhole with good pickup
  • Strings can occasionally break
  • Slightly pricier than some options


3. Best Choice Products 38in – Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit

Best Choice Products 38in

The Best Choice Products guitar is designed as an affordable option for beginner guitarists.

It’s lightweight and small, making it easier for younger players. It also comes with plenty of extras, including a guitar pick and shoulder strap. More advanced players may find this particular guitar lacking, but it’s perfect for someone who just wants to learn to play.

Thanks to its elegance, which’s made up of the all-wood construction and a glossy smooth feel, you can always jam out in style like the stylish musician in you. It comes ready assembled so that you can use it right out of the box. It saves you the trouble and cost that you could have incurred assembling it yourself. So, it is the best electric guitar ever made.

Final Thoughts? Although it requires constant tuning, it is the perfect package for beginners with a great tune and sound quality. Hence, it is the best guitar ever made.

  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Steel strings
  • Comfortable body style
  • Complete beginner’s package
  • Requires constant tuning
  • Quality control issues reported


4. ZENY 39″ Full Size Electric Guitar – Accessories Pack Beginner Starter Package, Black

Zeny Full Size Electric Guitar

ZENY 39-inch Electric Guitar Starter Package, which is perfect for any beginner. This is a right-handed electric guitar that has an all-wood construction with a nice looking finish that is smooth.

With a neck made from maple and a solid truss rod, this guitar is ready to use right out of the box.

The only thing missing is a tuner. You could go out and buy one, but it is best if the student learns how to tune by ear. After all, they may not always have a tuner with them, so they need this important skill. But overall, it is listed in the top electric guitars of all time.


This is a great beginner guitar outfit for the price, and it is perfect for kids. Because it isn’t expensive, you aren’t going to be too worried if they handle it a bit rough at first. Until they learn how to handle an instrument, an inexpensive model such as the ZENY is the ideal guitar. However, it is the best electric guitar for all genres.

  • Easy to tune
  • Great sound output
  • Reasonable price packaged
  • No tuner


5. Smartxchoices 30″ Kids Electric Guitar – Amplifier, Picks, Gig Bag, Strap, Cable Kit

Smartxchoices Kids Electric Guitar

If you’re looking for a starter guitar that has practically everything your child might need, you might want to consider this Smartxchoices guitar.

At a very affordable price, you get a well-made full-size guitar and a guitar bag. It also comes with a bag, a 5-watt guitar strap, guitar cable, additional strings, and 2 picks.

If the accessories don’t win you over, perhaps the guitar will. The 30 size is perfect for small hands to manage. It is made of hardwood and its fingerboard is in rosewood – the same material advanced-level guitars have.


This best hard rock guitar is made with a hardwood body and rosewood fretboard (22 frets). The strings are easy to press down on, passive electronics for a rich, full sound. With all the exceptional features, it is the best sounding electric guitars of all time.

  • Comes with a lot of starter accessories
  • A good size guitar for young children to play with
  • No assembly required everything is prepared and ready to play
  • Quality of the accessories could be better
  • Intonation may need some work


6. RockJam 6 String Electric Guitar – Pack, Right, Black (RJEG02-SK-BK)

Rockjam String Electric Guitar

The RockJam RJEG02 comes in the iconic ST design with a high gloss finish that will make your child look like a pro.

Their attention to detail never fails to amaze me, even at this super affordable price. One thing’s for sure – the RJEG02 does not compromise on quality as it has great quality metal gear heads and a solid basswood body to generate a truly refined sound.

This electric guitar popularity is because of the features of two-tone sound controls, 3 single-coil pickups, 1 volume control, a tremolo bar, a 5 way pick up selector switch, and cut-away horns, which are specifically designed to reach very high frets. The finish of the guitar is black and white hi-gloss, which complements the classic body of this electric guitar.

The starter package comes with a 10-watt amp, a gig bag, strap, lead, picks, and spare strings. But what I really enjoy about this guitar is its three single-coil pickups and also its whammy bar – that will surely keep your kids busy as they advance their guitar skills. Hence, it is the best guitar ever.


The RockJam electric guitar is the right instrument for every beginner who wishes to one day become a professional guitarist or for the ones who find guitar playing to be a relaxing hobby.

  • Great pickups
  • Comes with useful accessories
  • Also comes at a bigger price


7. LyxPro Full Size Electric Guitar – Package Includes All Accessories Beginner Starter kit

Lyxpro Full Size Electric Guitar

If you’re on the hunt for a more professional-looking electric guitar starter kit, the LyxPro Complete Beginner Starter Kit has everything you need. This starter kit offers something bigger and perhaps better for the serious young learner. Overall, it is the best guitar ever.

Coming in at 39”, this full-size guitar is on the larger side compared to other guitars on this list. It is a durable 6-string guitar with a solid wood body, rosewood fingerboard, and a maple neck. It also has the S-S-S pickups, one-way tremolo, a pick-up switch, plus volume and tone controls.

But what really caught my eye here is the list of accessories that comes with this guitar. Included in the kit is a 20-watt amp – also bigger than other starter kits that have a 5 or 10-watt amp. It also has a digital clip-on tuner, 2 picks, shoulder strap, and a bag.


A complete electric guitar bundle for beginners. It is packed with everything you need to practice your craft at home or in your studio. However, if you look closely, the price of this kit might be a little higher compared to others. Hence, famous electric guitar players enjoy their functions properly.

  • High-quality guitar
  • Comes with great accessories
  • 20-watt amp
  • Expensive


8. Best Choice Products All Inclusive – Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar Set

Best Choice Products All Inclusive

While Best Choice Products is not an exclusively musical instruments manufacturing company, their Best Choice Products Electric Guitar is an affordable yet effective set that is ideal for anyone new to electric guitars. However, it is the best electric guitarist of all time.

This beginner model is made with classic hardwood and has a glossy finish. Apart from that, its 22-fret fingerboard is rosewood which is both aesthetically appealing and durable. Moreover, it comes with a maple neck, six strings, and a humbucker pickup configuration.

The guitar is relatively simple but amazingly comfortable. While the three single-coil pickups are likely not to be as flexible as a single coil setup, the guitar produces a pretty clear and bright sound.


Costing less than $100, the bundle contains an electric guitar, a gig bag, an amp, cable, a pick, a strap, and some spare strings. This bundle got you covered, and you can start playing immediately. Hence, it is the best selling electric guitars of all time.

  • Comfortable to hold
  • The amp produces a loud sound
  • Comes with multiple accessories

  • Thin carrying bag doesn’t offer enough protection


Summing It Up!

If you’re interested in buying the best looking electric guitar for someone who is just starting to play, you can’t go wrong with these selections. There are several options for every type of beginner or experienced guitar player looking for the best electric guitar.

For me, Best Choice Products 38inch Beginner Acoustic Guitar is the best guitars of all time. It all comes with amps and accessories so new guitar players can jump right in and begin enjoying the instrument as soon as it is arrive.

So enjoy and rock your life with the Best Looking Electric Guitars you choose!

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