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The 10 Best Intermediate Electric Guitar Carry on 2020 Reviews

Have you learned the beginning tricks of playing guitar? Now, you want to hanker your beginning instrument with the next level of intermediate musical guitar. From the beginning intermediate guitars, players learn enough good tricks and sound while practicing. After that to upgrade the guitar with Best Intermediate Electric Guitar is necessary. Because now you need to practice some better and updated tricks that rock your sound and famous a good musician.

You have to spend more money to get quality construction of features. Still to find a perfect quality guitar that value to money is hard. Because as per your progress from beginner level to intermediate then practice guitar also require the improvement in the features and construction. But we made this purchase sound easy and simple by breaking down into different higher-level products. That contains all the dreamy features and wonderful constructions.

What Need to Look for Buying Electric Guitar for Intermediate Player?

The instruments are considered best and perfect quality if it works for many years. Through it, you will learn a lot of different playing tricks and creative sounds. The list of the guitar that we are going to provide gives you exceptional quality at a reasonable price. For Best intermediate acoustic guitar you only able to narrow it down if you make a comparison about different guitars from different brands. Then learn clearly what they are offering at such affordable prices. This method is an always appreciative step that surely gives you quality and standard.

As you need a best electric guitars for intermediate players that is worthy of your skills. No longer will you say that it’s a good instrument until you make practice with it. But on the base of different qualities and features with the branded guitar, we have the option to select one high quality and perfect playing guitar. Everyone who is working with full passion needs to move up with better playing instruments that rock your future. Here the probability of good brands and target choice is in front of you with higher quality construction attributes.

Once the player of musical instrument guitar play and learn all the tricks to learn a better skill from the beginner-level guitars. Then it’s time to move up with better options and quality features. That you never get from the basic level cheap guitar for practice. Let’s begin a move towards best constructed high-quality attribute guitar that makes your step forward and become one top-level and professional player. Here we pick the best intermediate electric guitar that are highly appreciated and working well for the intermediate players.

The 10 Top Intermediate Electric Guitar

ProductBrandColorBody MaterialPrice
Fender Player Fender3-Color SunburstAlder
Fender SpecialFenderAmberBasswood
Epiphone Les EpiphoneEbonyWood
Gibson SG Gibson USASunburstMahogany
Yamaha Pacifica Yamaha
Root BeerAlder
Gretsch G100CEGretschBlackMaple
Ibanez 6 StringIbanezTransparent Red BurstPoplar
Washburn HBWashburnSunburstWood
Best ChoiceBest ChoiceBlueWood
Fender Player FenderButterscotch BlondeAlder

Our Top Pick of Best Intermediate Electric Guitar Reviews

Well! You search a lot of stuff on the internet regarding good intermediate guitar brands for beginners but all in vain to pick one high quality featured guitar. Let’s move towards the list of this page. That we make after checking the reviews of customers, feedbacks, ratings, and our honest personal experience. Finally, pick the 10 best intermediate electric guitars that would rock your future with its features.

1. Fender Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Intermediate Level Acoustic Guitar

Yet, the first pick Fender Stratocaster guitar under 200 due to its style and attractive sound renowned over the world. Fender always trying that the intermediate guitar player has access to the perfect sound and styles for playing. The player strat is another working guitar for intermediate players for the players that is a superior option over others. Players also consider it as a good for recording and gigging. With different features of version, this model considers one of the best choices to rock your sound.

With gloss finish, this intermediate-level acoustic guitar is made of alder body and has a modern C shaped profile with maple neck. Three single-coil Stratocaster pickups help you to make quality and unique sound with every style that you desires. 2 point tremolo design has smooth travel and gives you rock sound and stability in the tuner. The reliable and durable product has smooth performance and attractive sound quality.


A good running reliable product is hard to find in the market when people getting too much affordable and durable status guitars. But the big brand with a good number of player’s reviews makes it more reliable and trustworthy. Fender with player series Stratocaster electric guitar under 300 will gives you all quality features and smooth sound worth playing. That’s is the reason people love it for recording and good performance. You can easily make this choice final and it will be perfect for you.

  • Smooth and reliable guitar
  • High-performance features
  • Have modern C shaped neck
  • 2 point tremolo design
  • Three single-coil pickups
  • The nut is not cut in a proper way that causes buzzing


2. Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster FMT HH

Best Beginner Electric Guitar

Telecaster is one of the best cheap intermediate value electric guitar choices for the intermediate players that just want to add a bit more sound quality in their practice. But sill few players looking for a custom addition to add quality in sound as per their requirement and taste. That’s why we recommend special edition customer telecaster. This custom addition gives you the tone of good and attractive sound that is the desires of intermediate players.

This intermediate electric guitar has two humbucking pickups. That allows you to make a tone of sounds that are smooth and balancing. For hard rock and metal built this guitar gives you amazing sound that you never got from the other usual guitar playing. The fretboard is made of rosewood and has 22 frets that also have volume and tone controller and best switching way. The tune stays for a long time as the guitar has Hardtail Bridge.


Intermediate players always want to have a telecaster guitar that has a bit more value than the usual guitar. With this guitar players can play rock, blues, metal, and many more styles of sound. Other than usual telecaster this one is unique and has all amazing features that are worthy to price. For intermediate players who are looking for good and amazing sound then we recommend this choice which is ever best to play with full comfort.

  • The unique sound and have good performance
  • Smooth and comfortable playing
  • Can play every type of sound
  • The bridge is a hardtail
  • Beautiful appearance and lightweight
  • Not give you telecaster usual sound


3. Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Electric Guitar

Best Intermediate Electric Guitar Brands For Beginners

Epiphone Les Paul is a good custom pro best mid-range electric guitar that is a wonderful option when you are upgrading from best beginner electric guitar to intermediate. The custom-built guitar has the single-cutaway body shape and the body made is made of solid wood. The top of the body is made of maple but the overall body is made of mahogany wood. The guitar use gloss finish that makes not is only stunning appearance but also one of the durable and long-lasting choice.

The rosewood fretboard has 22 medium to jumbo size frets. This guitar comes with standard truss rode and with 24.75 inches of scale length. The sounds that you get with Probucker are something like different the thick and thin robust type good sounding guitar. As it used a rich finish that is made with amazing thickness and width that is easy to clean but not allow you slid very fast in the left hand. Overall appearance and performance are enough good to play.


A good custom choice for the guitar lover who just wants to upgrade from beginners level to intermediate level players. Custom-built single-cutaway give you amazing performance and good sound that you never get from the other cheap price guitars. Maple top and mahogany wood made body is durable and versatile. Through you can easily play thick and thin sound as per your choice? Players love this guitar playing along with the good performance of the overall appearance and good looking.

  • Good looking highly amazing performance guitar
  • Mahogany body
  • Single cutaway body shape
  • 22 medium to jumbo size frets
  • The glossy finish is easy to clean
  • Pro bucker produce rich sound
  • Not allow left-hand to slide very fast
  • A little bit of fret buzz


4. Gibson SG Faded T Electric Guitar

Best Buy Intermediate Electric Guitar

From few years ago the Gibson trying to avail their all products in a leading way that are easily accessible to the players who want to get at less price. Gibson SG guitar has a standard in quality and pretty guitar. The beautifully shaped seems that custom made by the players for their own hands and use faded gloss finish. For intermediate players, we recommend this choice personally with honest reviews.

Faded SG is made of a standard mahogany body with two humbucking pickups. The neck of the guitar is made of mahogany but the fingerboard with rosewood. Slim taper neck with thicker rosewood fingerboard has a total of 22 frets that are polished and give you very amazing sound and comfortable feel in hand. The design is excellent for hard-rocking riffles. If you want to get to an affordable price then you should go for it.


A different excellent choice is available on the internet. But the Gibson is standard and amazing pick among all that use standard faded gloss and made of mahogany. The mahogany body lover now picks this guitar with a highly great performance best intermediate guitar company. Humbucking pickups have rosewood fingerboard and use 22 frets. That collectively allows you to produce comfortable and hard-rocking riffles sounds. For more satisfaction, you can explore the guitar features at amazon.

  • Excellent model for intermediate players
  • Versatile and give good playability features
  • Thicker rosewood fingerboard
  • Have better humbucking pickups
  • Use 22 frets

  • Small gap near the nut
  • Have not to push and pull switch


5. Yamaha Pacifica PAC611HFM RB Electric Guitar

Good Intermediate Electric Guitar

what guitars should intermediate guitar players get? Yamaha Pacifica giving you an amazing choice of best intermediate-level electric guitar for the intermediate playing of the guitar as well as for the beginners. This brand gives you a lot of offers regarding musical instruments like Yamaha Pacifica PAC611HFM RB electric guitar. At a good price now you will get the solid guitar that provides you wonderful sound in a perfect guide. This electric guitar is made of solid alder body and uses tinted finish which is one of the wonderful appearance and pretty look.

This Electric Guitar has a flamed maple top and uses a hardtail bridge that is stable and gives you amazing tuning. Maple neck guitar uses rosewood fingerboard and has 22 frets that give you good and stable playing experience. With the help of Graphtec String Saver saddle, the strings keep and stable in tuning. Players can make rock, metal, blues, and more another sound with the help of 5 custom humbucking pickups.


When you have a tone of options to pick guitar regarding the best sounding playing options is quite hard. Yet, we are here with Yamaha Pacifica which is a brilliant option when you are just going to improve from beginning to intermediate guitar. These musical instruments allow you to produce good sound in different styles from rock, metal, blues, and many more. 5 humbucking pickups help you to make a good sound. The players are satisfied with its playing and you can check the reviews at amazon.

  • Good playing intermediate guitar
  • Players can make every style of sound
  • 5 custom humbucking
  • Strings keep the tuning stable
  • Pretty look and good performance
  • Solid design
  • Needs another tone controller


6. Gretsch G100CE Synchromatic Acoustic Guitar

Most Recommended Best Electric Guitar To Buy

Another good pick for the players who love to play new and pretty well songs with the help of the acoustic guitar. The body of Gretsch G100CE Synchromatic Cutaway Acoustic Guitar is made of laminated maple with top, sides, and back and use matte Urethane finish. Maple neck guitar has a rosewood fingerboard that has 20 numbers of frets. These features of the best electric guitar strings for intermediate players help you to make a good sound.

The other amazing features of Guitar have Gretsch single-coil pickups and have 25.5 inches scale length, multiple body binding, F soundhole, and a lot of other features. All these specifications make this guitar unique and allow you to play pretty sound with balance and smoothness. Along with the good pickups, the master tone controller and volume controller are also present in this best electric guitar for rhythm players.


Yes, another gorgeous and unique sound comfortable playing guitar are here for the players of an intermediate guitar. Now, at affordable prices, you get Gretsch G100CE which is constructed amazingly with all stunning features. This single-coil pickup guitar is made of a laminated body and has a maple neck. The bridge and fingerboard are made of rosewood with 20 frets playing. All these features collectively allow you to make a unique and pretty sound.

  • Laminated maple body guitar
  • Gretsch maple neck
  • Single coil pickups with 25.5 inches scale length
  • Die-cast tuning machine
  • Unique and pretty sound
  • Perfect guitar with no cones


7. Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Best Intermediate Electric Guitar In The World

Ibanez which is another good choice for the players. The electric guitar is always amazing and perfect pick for the intermediate player. 6 String solid-body electric guitar now giving you all the features that are perfect and authentic choice. The fast and slim body guitar gives you good production of sound for the players at an affordable price. Players who play with full passion and want to add more tricks always love the best electric guitar for the intermediate players.

This Ibanez 6 string guitar has a slim body and maple neck. The top is made of beautiful quilted maple art. In less prize, you will get the best sound, amazing playability, and unique design. Treated New Zealand pin fingerboard with white do inlays and R humbuckers pickups give you the amazing output of sounds. So, if you pick this great performance guitar then surely you will never hurt it.


A good looking guitar when having good features with a unique sound. Then it would be master and amazing for the players who get gold in one hand. This Ibanez 6 String solid-body electric guitar is a perfect choice with some upgraded tricks and playability choice. Humbucking pickups would help you to create dreamy sounds with this slim and fast body maple neck guitar. This product has a good number of reviews and ratings at amazon by the customers.

  • Most popular guitar with amazing features
  • Best playability experience
  • Good classic look with slim body
  • Have perfect style guitar
  • Affordable price
  • No whammy bar
  • Claimed that strings ware already tighten


8. Washburn HB Series HB15CTSK Electric Guitar

Best Intermediate Electric Guitar Bands

When you see different choices and difficult for you to select one suitable for you. Then we made a perfect choice with all the latest features and enough upgraded for the players who love to enhance practice and tricks of playing in their profession next step to beginning. Now, Washburn HB series has all features that are necessary to play the best sound and dreamy that you want.

The specifications of the Washburn HB series HB15CTSK is that made of mahogany back, top, and sides with the multi-laminated body. Mahogany neck made this guitar have rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays and adjustable rosewood bridge. Florentine cutaway Bound F-holes not only give you amazing shape but super effective sound that is clear and unique. This versatile and well playing guitar is durable and comfortable in playing.


All adjustable and affordable value guitar are not best in playing and give you sound good output. But the Washburn has its perfect market values and have satisfied customers. That always helps you to pick a perfect electric guitar with a multi-laminated mahogany body. The perfect shapes are versatile and give you very easy playing experience. Different dreamy players with intermediate level choose this guitar and have an excellent experience.

  • Beautiful design and stylish look
  • Unique style and sound
  • Have mahogany neck and body
  • Versatile guitar for intermediate players
  • Amazing guitar for the price
  • Fret ends is slightly rough
  • this guitar and have an excellent experience.


9. Best Choice Products Electric Guitar Starter Kit

Best Electric Guitar Strings For Intermediate Player

Different brands and products have their market and choice for playing. The beginners who want to play with the intermediate guitar now we have this amazing product that is giving you all the accessories in this starter kit that is important for playing. Best beginner electric guitar with Best Choice products not only perfect but it’s my personal choice and giving honest reviews. Most of the other customers are also satisfied with their purchase.

From beginners to guitar bands players easily choose right this product. This ultimate starter kit includes 39 inches electric guitar amp cable rode, 10W amp, guitar pickups, whammy bar, replacement strings, and shoulder straps. The guitar and the accessories are protective and secure as comes in a nylon bag. Players can play anywhere with this perfect traveling guitar. Electric Guitar Starter kit always gives you the best performance.


The quality and performance of Best Choice Products are always good and perfect. Now, this electric guitar starter kit enhances your performance and gives you all the features that are helpful in the best performance. Different tricks and sounds like jazzy, blues, and others will play from this 39 inches guitar. Guitar pickups come with the whammy bar and string replacement. If you want to get a unique and good experience then you have to go with this choice.

  • All-inclusive guitar kit
  • Good performance
  • Best for beginners to intermediate
  • Comes with whammy bar
  • Beautiful glossy finish
  • The action is incredibly high
  • It’s hard to tune


10. Fender Player Telecaster Electric Guitar

Best Intermediate Level Electric Guitar

Telecaster intermediate guitar under 500 which is eventually known as the first solid guitar that is commercially available. The style and the design of the Fender player are always best and unique. People think that telecaster is a true guitar for country sound but you can easily play more one type of good sound with this perfect playing. At affordable prices, Fender telecaster is known as the classical guitar for intermediate players.

Alder body this guitar use gloss finish that enhances the beauty. Modern C shaped profile neck guitar has single-coil telecaster pickups with 9.5 radius of fingerboard. Hardtail bridge and use steel string which allows you to produce good sound and hard-rocking music. The intermediate players always like telecaster electric guitar with well-known and biggest names of the market Fender player.


Telecaster by Fender player as you already heard about it knows available in the market with Fender Player series. The modern C shaped profile neck use gloss finish that increases the beauty overall appearance. Single coil telecaster pickups with a 9.5 radius of fingerboard. This selection is an affordable and stunning choice for intermediate players. The best reviews and rating is available that make this choice more famous in the market.

  • Alder body good looking guitar
  • Modern C shaped guitar
  • Single coil pickup
  • Hardtail bridge
  • Affordable intermediate guitar
  • Poor quality control


Summing It Up!

If you are beginner players and want to upgrade and improve it into the next level of playing as an intermediate level. There are few best options available regarding the Best intermediate electric guitar in the world. You can make a comparison between the good intermediate electric guitars that is available with other musical instruments. Then always found perfect features and upgraded performance tricks that are required to learn for the next level.

With the help of this article, you can enjoy a lot and can play a different style of sound that is unique and have smooth playing. Players can easily make the best performance and rock your music around the world. Don’t be hesitate to make new tricks and create a new sound. But make sure you are going with one that is suitable for you and comfortable playing.

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