Best Electric Guitars Under 300

The 8 Best Electric Guitars Under 300 Carry on 2020 Reviews

If you are trying to pick Best Electric Guitars Under 300 then it’s hard to time to deal with quality guitars. Under this range to pick the guitars to play great and become one of the rockstars is look like impossible. In budget and under $300 range you only found a cheap guitar that has not solid tonewoods, good working bridge, and tuners. You spend a lot of time in searching and getting information to purchase your dreamy guitar. You even can’t avoid the fact that you meet on a lot of vague information on the internet about the inexpensive guitars.

But for playing and improving experience price worthy guitars are still using as they have few features in it that are appreciative and appealing. Nowadays everyone can get the dreamy guitar in affordable price that is worthy and decent. The features and quality is also enough good that helps you in practice. This is an amazing choice and it’s not a big amount that you spend.

We see that people unable to reach on a point to pick up high-quality decent guitars at affordable prices that work from beginners to a high level. When you see a big profile name with the guitar then obviously comes a huge amount to buy it. The beginner who just wants to learn how to play with guitars not on the way to spend a big amount and also wants to get a good instrument. Here you will get the reviews about the top 10 electric guitars under 300.

What to Have Look Before Buying Guitars Under 300?

An experienced player always requires standard in quality, material, pickups, and other hardware features. But for beginner to intermediate level require price worthy and budget guitar with nice features. All leading brands guitars along with the high standard guitars also provide a middle range that looks affordable like a squire, Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, and many other brands. Undertaking the requirement of the guitars lover we come with the top brand and give you fair reviews. That might help you to choose a good quality guitar.

For the guitars lover to get decent and quality instrument we made a top reviewed list of best electric guitars for 300 dollars that able you to make a decision. In a good range, some trusted brands offer you much better and high-quality guitars to pick up. Without paying much amount you found tone on gear space, best amplifier, effects, and shapes.

If you get worried to pick an amazing guitar that has all the technical specifications and quality of instruments. The time has been over when you would not found such great quality products at an affordable price. Under the best customer reviews here we update the list of top electric guitars under 300 with top brands that have a nice sound, great neck, and solid that is perfect for the beginners. However, you can’t find the best tone on the gear without backing it up along with the talent and excellence of playing.

If you don’t know how to pick the perfect electric guitar for excellence sound playing then we are here with top brands squire, Fender, Epiphone, and Gibson. That provides you enough good quality, best instrument, sound quality, easy to play, and the best choice for beginner to intermediate. These great musical instrument rock your sound and pocket friendly. Our best-reviewed list of low cast electric guitar explores your personal need.

The 8 Top Electric Guitars Under 300

ProductBrandColorBody MaterialPrice
Squier By FenderFenderAntique BurstBasswood
Jackson JS32 RhoadsJacksonblackwood
Epiphone Les PaulEpiphoneEbonyBasswood
Ibanez 6 StringIbanezBlackPoplar
Squier by FenderFenderAntique BurstBasswood
Yamaha GigmakerYAMAHAMetallic BlueNato
Gretsch G5425 Gretsch GuitarsBlackBasswood
Oscar Schmidt Oscar SchmidtPurple Mahogany

Our Top Pick of Best Electric Guitars Under 300 Reviews

After spending a lot of hours on research we finally pick the best beginner electric guitars under 300. Don’t worry you will get all the specifications and features that you want. These products are reviewed fairly and electric guitars lovers like this choice for best tone and sound. Let’s have a look at all the best electric guitar under $300!

1. Squier By Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Top Electric Guitars Under 300

Yes, our first pick that is made by the American Fender Squier Stratocaster, and this is one of my loving choice, as well as the guitar players, love it. The amazing thing that you found in this affordable guitar is that you can easily use it for numerous types of musical genres like blues, jazz, rock, country, and many more. These guitars come with a Maple neck with a C-shaped profile and headstock is large.  The other features are that it has three single-coil pickups with five-way switching as you also see in the regular guitars and that generates good sound.

Two-tone controls, pickup of the toggle switch, and volume. You will get 22 fret rosewood fingerboard or maple here you see that maple is smooth but the rosewood fingerboard is look bit better. Surely you will enjoy the rock sound with Fender Squier and get better pickups. Here you only get one flaw is that you can’t get the original sound of Fender but still you will get enough good sound and well playing with an affordable price.


As you see the most amazing features you will get with Fender Squier that is enough good sound for the beginners and intermediate levels. If you are looking for classic strat sound with jazz, country, rock, and other than this product is perfect. The quality and hardware both are perfect for the beginner. But for the advances level, it’s not good who are looking for solid strat to upgrade. As we already told you that it can’t generate the sound like the original. But still good for practicing and playing the very first time.

  • Big sound in affordable price
  • Best and easy pick from beginner to intermediate level.
  • Maple neck with C shaped.
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Standard die-cast tuners
  • Three single-coil strat pickups
  • Have not the same sound as the original fender squier.
  • Heavier than other guitars.
  • Tuning pegs are not better


2. Jackson JS32 Rhoads Electric Guitar

Top Electric Guitars Under 300

If you love heavier metal Acoustic guitar then no need to go furthermore for any other product than the Jackson JS32 Rhoads. People can’t believe that they found such amazing guitar in less than $300. The player of music loves it from the years ago and the best features are that it is made of a V-shaped body is made of solid material. For rhythm and lead the necked is made smooth and fast finger playing style.

For the players who want to play with hard material, heavy style, and advance style then we highly recommend this product that you get without going outside with major price. The other feature that you get from this Jackson guitar is that the tone stays longer in the instrument than any other. Because this product has to lock a nut bridge in it. Humbucking pickups of dual high output Jackson are added that increase the sound quality. Maple neck and bound fingerboard of this guitar also provide you three-way toggle switching.


Jackson JS32 Rhoads is one of the best metal guitars under 300. This inexpensive guitar is less in price and has a lot of amazing features. This V-shaped is one of the metal guitars with hard rock style. The guitar has 24 frets that can easily accessible due to its V shape. In the market, you even can’t find better than this guitar at this less price. The product is price worthy and most of the players love it and you can check the reviews of the customer at Amazon.

  • Price worthy high-quality guitar
  • Big rock and metal style tone
  • Best for the players who love the metal sound
  • Perfect for the beginners
  • Upgraded features
  • Jackson J series high-quality guitars
  • Locknut features are not suitable for beginners.
  • Harder to play while sitting
  • The body is not in the same size as original


3. Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar

Top 10 Electric Guitars Under 200

Everyone knows that Gibson made a lot of amazing musical instruments that have a standard in quality and also expensive. Now, we come with another Epiphone brand that provides you price worthy products and not bad in quality. Yet, you can buy Epiphone. With these best guitar under 300, you will get the classic sound like the Gibson and also get the Led Paul which is special for playing real Led Paul.

This electric guitar allows you to play rock, metal, blues, hard rock, and many other styles with the help of humbuckers. Rosewood neck has 22 frets that allow you to play easily. The design is perfect that you can easily hit all the high notes without any struggle to reach them. Epiphone gives you all the features that you require for good sound and begin to rock out. If you have not enough pocket to go with Gibson then this choice is wonderful and gives you almost the same features.


If you are looking for one great musical instrument that rocks you out and helps to make a great sound then Epiphone is one of the standard choices. When the beginners have not enough pocket amount to buy their dreamy guitars of Gibson. Then we highly recommend the Epiphone which is one of the price worthy products from beginner to intermediate level. Epiphone allows you to play different musical styles as well as special Les paul. Now, you can check the reviews and ratings of customers that are already with this brand.

  • Great sound quality without Gibson price tag
  • Mahogany Body
  • Good quality of hardware
  • Easy to play from beginners to a higher level
  • Play any musical style with humbuckers.
  • Selector switcher loses after a few times of use.
  • The guitar won’t stay in tune.
  • Smaller than the original guitar


4. Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under 200

If you are searching the best solid body electric guitar then Ibanez 6 string is a perfect choice as a cheap electric guitar to carry on. which is a series of GIO. Ibanez GRX20ZBKN gives you affordable packages. The guitar allows you all types of music but the most favorite and special are shred, rock, and metal lovers’ best choice. Maple neck with C shaped comes with alder body which is sleek and super-fast. For fast riffles and licks, it helps to ease up and down the neck.


Acoustic guitars for $300 is perfect for the intermediate and beginners level guitar player lovers. Rosewood fingerboard is used with 22 medium frets and standard tuners. The pickups that used in Ibanez 6 strings are 2 power sound humbucking pickups. The basswood body is used and FAT 6 bridge in this affordable product. Good quality neck and reliable product to play any type of sound.


If you want to pick a guitar that has both enough good quality of sound and also less in price. Then you are at the right product that is very cheap and have sound good features that are enough better for beginners and intermediate players. Most of the players love and impress due to their knockoffs. Ibanez GRX20ZBKN is a series of GIO and comes with a maple neck with 22 medium frets. Other features you can explore at amazon.

  • Good quality solid-body guitar
  • 2 Power sound humbucking pickups
  • 22 Medium frets
  • C shaped maple neck
  • Good quality wood and reliable neck
  • Use FAT 6 bridge
  • Whammy bar is not included
  • The pickguard is in different shape


5. Squier by Fender Standard Telecaster Beginner Electric Guitar

Best Beginner Electric Guitars Under 200

Another graceful and decent look guitar is available here with Squier By Fender Standard Telecaster. You can see that this guitar is simple but yet another upgraded features are added on it by the Teles and make it price worthy. This product is far good for beginners and players who love the upgraded features and C shaped guitars. Telecaster is not much enough versatile just like strat but the sound that is guitar produced is distinct.

Keep in mind that Tele with Standard which is a basis almost provides you everything that you required for good sound especially when you come to the point of tune. Maple neck and have 22 fret rosewood fingerboard. Another thing that you get in the coil is that dual single-coil pickups are used that provide three-way of switching and help you to play rock sound. The electronics of these guitars are 1 volume, 1 tone, and three switching ways. From this guitar you will get all the features that you get from top acoustic-electric guitars under 300.


Squier is a well-known name in the market for the best musical instruments. Yes, Fender standard telecaster is a perfect choice that is basically knockoffs and very impresses decent style to pick. With this product, you will get all the latest features that are upgraded by the Teles and made it worthy. Maple neck C shaped profile comes with 22 fret rosewood fingerboard. Through you can easily play good sound in different styles?

  • Amazing for rock, blues, and country players.
  • Three-way switching
  • Dual Single coil telecaster’s pickups.
  • Good sound and stay in tunes
  • 22 fret rosewood fingerboard
  • Heavy distortion with single-coil.
  • Not suitable for all musical styles


6. Yamaha Gigmaker Electric Guitar Package

Best Cheap Acoustic Electric Guitar

Another stunning choice that is perfect for beginners and affordable is the Yamaha Gigmaker guitars under 300 package. This electric guitar is now easily available on the internet and in the market. Pacifica PAC112J is included in Yamaha Gigmaker electric guitar and has a single Alnico V coil and the bridge that is used in humbucker pick up controls. For tone control use push and pull coil split and have a master volume. 5 position lever for switching is also available.

Another best feature that you get from here is the 15 watt Yamaha amplifier that rocks the sound and one of the best jazz guitars under 300. At this affordable price, you will get everything for the best sound and playing style of music that you need that also includes PAC012 Metallic blue. It chords easily without any pressure to fret the string and make a good sound. The sound that you play is very smooth that every guitar player loves it. You will find this product better than any other top brand like Gibson, Squier, and any other.


Yamaha Pacifica is one of the series packages that provide PAC112J and other few. PAC112V is considered much better than PAC112J. This product is considered effective and plays amazing sound and also the best choice for beginners. V single-coil and humbucker bridge, pull and push coil split-tone control, master volume, 5 switching lever control. This guitar is in enough affordable price and comes with PAC012 Metallic blue and 20-watt amp.

  • Alder tonewood body
  • The neck is made of solid maple
  • The bridge is made of the humbucker
  • 5 way switch pickups for pull and push coil.
  • Best for beginners and intermediate
  • Alnico V pick-ups controlled
  • Not have buzz sound.
  • Fret and cable defect after a time of use.
  • Amp is terrible


7. Gretsch G5425 Electromatic Jet Club Electric Guitar

Cheap Beginner Electric Guitar

Yet, we come with our second last choice which is amazing value guitar for both intermediate and beginner’s players. Now, you will get Gretsch G5425 Electromatic jet club electric guitar at an affordable price and the product is price worthy. All the amazing features you will get from this product and will rock your sound. The neck, pickups, bridges, and other features all amazing, and just like that you are looking for it. We highly recommend this product to the players who just want to get a high-quality guitar at affordable prices.

The best electric guitar under 400 is made of chambered with a single-cutaway jet shape. The body is made by basswood that included Gloss Urethane Finish, Arched Maple. The design looks like LP but this guitar has distinct look that made it separate from other and loving choices among all. The adjustable bridges and dual coil pickups ensure the good sound and vibrant sustain. Maple neck with a rosewood fretboard with neo-classic thumbnail inlays.


Gretsch G5425 is perfect electric guitar among the other with jet shape maple body neck of rosewood and fretboard with neo-classic thumbnail inlays. The guitar is made of chambered with a single-cutaway with a basswood body that also included gloss urethane finish. The quality and sound types are enough good for the beginners to intermediate players. Frets that are used in this guitar are smooth and the fingerboard is slighted rolled. You can also check the reviews of the customer directly from the amazon that are already with this product.

  • Amazing sound, touch, smooth, and finish.
  • Maple neck with basswood
  • Good choice for the intermediate and beginners.
  • Frets are smooth and the fingerboard is slightly rolled.
  • Beautiful guitar in reasonable price
  • Pickup selector for the switch is broken


8. Oscar Schmidt OE20FTPB-A-U 6-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Affordable Handmade Acoustic Guitars

We see that is quite hard to find the full guitar with its part under $300. However, we found amazing features with Oscar Schmidt OE20FTPB-A-U 6-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar which comes with a full guitar kit. This kit contains a strap, tuner, hardshell case, extra strings, and many other smaller parts. For the beginners, we consider this guitar as perfect choice because this comes with all accessories.

The features that you get in this 6 string solid-body guitar is Tone-O-Matic and another one tail for a stop. This helps you to easily put on and off the strings without any extra part and hassling. For good volume control in this, you get the 2 volume and 2 tone controls. The humbucking pickups are used for different music playing styles like rock, jazz, country, blues, and many others that are similar to these. Rosewood fretboard is smooth but the frets design is cutaway.


Yet, we come with our last choice of the best guitar for 300 dollars which is a stunning choice due to its features and all accessories that you will get along with the guitar as a full guitar kit. Keep in mind all features have quality and you can play all the sound styles with it like jazz, rock, blues, country, and many others. Smooth rosewood and fret designs in cutaway. These affordable humbucking pickups are used in it. The players that are already with it are satisfied.

  • Maple neck and Mahogany body
  • Wood fingerboard and humbucker pickups.
  • Classic single-coil cutaway
  • 6 strings solid-body guitar
  • Play different styles of music
  • Pickups are not enough good
  • Not perfect for less than 3 years


Summing It Up!

Are you looking for the best acoustic-electric guitars under 300? Should you buy the guitar under 300? We have a complete buyer guide and electric guitar information. Now, you can easily get the best electric guitar choice of styles of music and tastes of music. If you are beginners to intermediate level players of guitar and can’t afford higher priced guitar for practice. Then our list of affordable choice is much effective that give you all the features that are perfect to play different types of music.

To enhance the reliability and affordability of the players we have Best Electric Guitars Under 300. That gives you an amazing experience as an intermediate guitar player because you will get features like the good neck of maple with V, C, and jet shape, good pickups, bridges, sound amplifiers, and humbuckers pickups to play all types of music. First, you should explore every product underline your own choice and taste. Then go with the one that is suitable to your taste.

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