Best Electric Guitars Under 200

The 8 Best Electric Guitars Under 200 Carry on 2020 Reviews

While searching out Best Electric Guitars Under 200 the beginners found a lot of stuff on the internet regarding the best electric guitars. To make a good decision you have to walk through from a huge amount of information to know about the guitar quality and features. But it’s quite difficult for them to pick amazing guitar in terms of quality and rocking sound in less amount. Because you would not get all affordable guitars that are made of high quality and would help you in practice.

Not all rang of affordable prices are worthy but few others are made so cheap and even not give you features that you want to get. The beginners who even not played before don’t know the best figure and features of the musical instruments. They also don’t want to spend a lot of money in their first practice. Without making mistakes beginners want to get the have all the features in it.

What to Look When Buying Guitars Under 200?

As you see that there are a lot of brands are available in the market that also has a price tag of its products. We know that you are looking for the guitars under 200 that can play all types of sound, have good shape, easy to switch, and design themselves. That is the reason we make good research to pick out the cheap electric guitars that give you not only the best features but also other necessary accessories. We make sure that these guitars play well, have a good sound, decent look, and easy to play who even don’t know how to play the budget guitars.

Just like the kickoffs of the original brands. Such guitars have not the same sound just like the original but have their unique sound that is sweet and even most of the guitars love like these new sounds. Under the single-coil, three single-coil, pickup humbuckers, configurations, and other mixed pickups you will get along these affordable brand new electric guitars. But keep in mind that along with the guitar’s features when your taste of music and playing style work. Then it will rock and give you amazing creative sound.

Nowadays to find the best electrical guitar that is perfect in terms of features and sound is really hard. Because you have a lot of options and a hard time to make a quick and best decision. Now, we come with the best electric guitars that are under 200 dollars and give you almost all dreamy features. These guitars are branded with features like a single-coil, 3 to 5 switching ways, best bridge, and can play all types of sound like jazzy, country, rock, blues, and soon others. Hope our list would help you in the selection of good electric guitar.

The 8 Top Electric Guitars Under 200 – Comparison Table

ProductBrandColorBody MaterialPrice
Squier by FenderFenderBlackBasswood
ESP LTD EC-10ESP GuitarsBlackBasswood
Yamaha Pacifica YamahaOld Violin SunburstWood
Ibanez 6 IbanezBlackPoplar
Oscar SchmidtOscar Gold TopWood
Squier by FenderFenderImperial BluePoplar
Jackson 6 JacksonSnow White AFBPoplar
Squier Affinity FenderButterscotch BlondeAlder Wood

Our Top Pick of Best Electric Guitars Under 200 Reviews

Are you here to get your dreamy musical instrument guitar with perfect specification and features? Yes, you are at the right place to get the best acoustic guitars under 200. All these intermediate electric guitars that are top-rated reviewed by the customers who are already purchased and had the worthy experience. Let’s talk about the top 8 guitars!

1. Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster HT Electric Guitar

Best Cheap Acoustic Electric Guitar

First choice Squier by fender now more need to introduce the brand. A very well-known and well famous in the market that gives you under 200 dollar of good cheap guitars.  Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster HT Electric Guitar – HSS is one of the ever first products which copies sold in the market more than any other well-known brands even the same brands with other products. With a double-cutaway profile, this product has modern representation in the market. Due to hardtail and effective production methods, this model is known as the HT electric guitar.

The main features are the same as the strat like C shaped profile with a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard with 21 fret medium jumbo. Single coil strat and middle pickups and humbucking bridge pickups. 5 ways of switching and pickups control. Control tone and master volume also added in this guitar product. The best practicing instrument for the beginners and also on the pocket price. Another thing that we want to add is that the professional and top-level players also purchase it to get unique sound practice and add their collection.


No doubt a good brand name is in front of you if you are the lover of the humbucking bridge and five switching ways for pickups in the electric guitar. Yes, Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster HT is the perfect choice for beginners to intermediate level players. AN amazing and unique thing that you get is the hardtail and double cutaway. But all other features are the same just like the Squier strat. All customers are very satisfied electric guitar cheapest price with their selection and helping out to make rock sound.

  • Unique representation with perfect quality.
  • 5 ways of switching and pickup tones.
  • Perfect for the beginners
  • Single coil Stratocaster
  • Hardtail bridge
  • Play different types of music
  • The fingerboard is disclosed to frets.
  • Few complaints about the colors that are not the same just like the picture.
  • The quality of the strings is poor


2. ESP LTD EC-10 KIT Electric Guitar

Best Electric Guitars Under 200 Dollars

ESPs comes with its affordable product ESP LTD EC-10 which also comes with single cutaway design. For any level of the player can play with good cheap electric guitar but specially designed for beginners. The body is smooth and comfortable with a maple neck U shaped profile that helps out the players to easily scale and chords over the fingerboard. Another amazing feature is that you can play it while standing and setting due to its basswood body.

With U shaped profile this guitar support 24 frets fingerboard. You can genre of any type of music that you want to play due to its unique design of LH-100 pickups that are controlled and switched with three switching and toggling way and also have master tone and volume. This product is not only appealing due to the body but also due to rocking sound. For initial practice, it’s the best choice overall in performance and sound genre. If you are looking for the affordable then check this guitar which has high quality best electric guitar under 300.


LTD EC-10 which is one of the affordable version of ESPs and have high quality and amazing features just like the original one. This guitar also has a single-cutaway that is best for any level of players but the most appealing choice for the beginners. This affordable product has features like comes with maple neck U shaped body through you can genre all type of sound. Other features also get like three-way switching, master volume and tone, 24 fret fingerboard, and LH-100 pickups controls. The players of LTD guitar are satisfied with budget guitars

  • Special comfortable and smooth design for beginners.
  • U-shaped profile with maple neck which is smooth and comfortable.
  • You can easily play both while standing and sitting.
  • LH-100 pickups with 3 way of toggling.
  • With pickups, you can genre each type of music.
  • Changing the strips causes a change in sound.
  • Sound is not unique


3. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012DLX Electric Guitar

Best Electric Guitars Under 200 Pounds

The Pacifica series is Yamaha that comes with another new product PAC012DLX electric guitar which is one of the student-friendly hand have good brand quality. This product of the list of Guitars Under 200 found amazing. Due to its price tag and other features especially HSS strat design and configuration. Agathis body with 2 ceramic single-coil and ceramic humbucker pickups.

Yamaha Pacifica comes with 22 medium frets maple neck electric guitar have rosewood fingerboard. 5 position switching and have master volume control and tone control. Solid-body electric guitar finishing that is used are old violin burst, raspberry red, metallic blue, and black. If you want to pick the best guitar under 200 then one of the amazing choices that its quality is perfect and flawless. The frets that are using by the Pacifica series PAC012DLX are smooth and comfortable electric guitar cheap price.


If you love the Pacifica series then you have a look at this product. Maybe you played well with other brands like Gibson, Fender, and many others. But can’t avoid the quality and best features of PAC012 and quality of adjustment of different sounds. The other important features that you get with it like Agathis body with a vintage tremolo bridge and 22 medium frets. 5 pickup selector any many other qualities make it overall best in performance. You can check the reviews at amazon with a satisfied customer rating.

  • Best over quality and performance.
  • Student-friendly guitar
  • Perfect for Pacifica series lover.
  • Genre good sound with a single coil.
  • Five pick up selector and have one master volume and tone controller.
  • Fret wires are not put perfectly.
  • Little problem in tuning


4. Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Top Electric Guitars Under 200

From the 1960s to 1970s just like other branded names Ibanez also manufacturing a copy of American affordable electric guitars. In terms of quality and precision, the Ibanez GRX series is working just like the other top brands’ cool cheap guitars. If you are beginners then it does not means you can go with cheap features guitar. The better features you have then faster you learn. Maple neck of GRX series guitar is made of a basswood body. 22 Medium frets and rosewood fingerboard inlays are used that help you to play easily and all types of music.

This GIO series with the entry-level of GRX20Z is known as a superstar because they have combining features of fender Stratocasters. This style has superstar and 2 x humbucking pickups. The beginners can easily play any style of music like rock and blues. Smooth, comfortable and have impressive paint that you never get in the other cheap guitars. The quality of wood is enough perfect with a reliable neck. So, if you go with a cheap electric guitar under 300 this selection then it will never hurt you.


GIO series with the new entrance level GRX20Z is one of the well eminent instruments of music in the market that is smooth and reliable. Ibanez 6 string comes with a solid body, has a reliable maple neck, and 22 medium frets with rosewood fingerboard inlays. Smooth playing and high-quality guitar have features just like the other fender Stratocasters and also known as the Superstrat due to features that it contains. The customers of Ibanez are comfortable with it and give amazing reviews.

  • Smooth working and crafted solid-body guitar
  • High-quality wood and reliable neck
  • High-quality strings and easy to switch.
  • 22 Medium frets and FAT 6 bridge
  • Rosewood fingerboard inlays
  • The pickguard is a different shape
  • The Whammy bar is not included.
  • White noise is generated when cable connected with the amp


5. Oscar Schmidt OE20G-A-U Solid Body Electric Guitar

Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under 200

Many beginners’ familiar with the big names Gibson and fender. But here is the alternative that not comes from the big-name but one of the reliable models as Oscar Schmidt. This model comes as Under 200. The features that these electric guitar cheap reveal are a single cutaway solid body that is made of mahogany with maple neck. However, for finishing you have a choice between different that you can select as you want.

The maple neck is very reliable and smooth that is easy to play with features 22 frets and has a rosewood fretboard. All the equipment of EO20 comes with beautiful findings and inlays. So, you have to make a beautiful shape before using it for playing. The humbuckers pickups have three-way of toggling and switching, two tune, controls, and two volume controls. Oscar guitar is extremely powerful and reliable which allows you to genre every type of music with its beautiful overall look.


You see a lot of well-known brand names with a price tag in the market regarding the instrument of music. If you are one of them who is just searching one alternative of brands affordable guitars that have leading features and reliable quality. Then we highly recommend Oscar Schmidt guitar with OE20 that has a solid body type of acoustic guitar, maple neck that is made of mahogany with single-cutaway features. The overall look is a decent and high performance that able you to genre any type of music. If you want to know more about the product then just check it at amazon.

  • Versatile and best tone options.
  • Perfect for beginners with different color options.
  • Decent look and high-performance guitar.
  • The best alternative to top high price tag brands.
  • The sleek neck is perfect for playing.
  • Price worthy product
  • Not suitable for a small amp for the newbies.
  • Pickups are not good and misaligned


6. Squier by Fender Bullet Mustang

Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

Yes, another perfect choice is in front of you which is the best alternative inexpensive guitars to the noise and grunge community. Yes, from the 1980s to 1990s there is a lot of genres that are produced with the Fender mustang and a few others like Thurston Moore, Buzz Osbourne. But now Squier by fender made another best alternative which is the best budget guitars choice overall. The material that is used in it and features are better but have not to price tag like other branded products $200 guitar.

With Indian laurel fingerboard, the body is made of basswood and the neck is made of maple. The guitar radius is 24-inch short scale guitar with 22 medium and jumbo frets that helps the players to play easily even if you have a smaller hand. Sealed die-cast tuner and have a modern hardtail bridge of this guitar. Humbucker pickups with three-way of switching with volume and tone control. All these features are reliable and comfortable playing.


A good choice with high quality and affordable prices is amazing. Yet, we give you a stunning choice that has all the dreamy features in this guitar. Affordable high picking electric guitar has smooth performance that is made of the maple neck and basswood body. 24-inch radius body of this guitar has 22 medium and jumbo size frets that allow you to play easily and genres different types of sound. Three switching and toggling ways with one volume and tone control. Overall features are dominated with little week points so we recommend Squier electric guitar.

  • Short scale neck that is easy to play
  • Worthy price electric Squier guitar
  • Good quality and have a decent shape.
  • Dual humbucking pickups
  • Thin and lightweight body
  • Only claim a few customers that they receive the used product


7. Jackson 6 String JS Series Top JS22 Electric Guitar

Top 10 Electric Guitars Under 200

If you are a metal fan than Jackson JS22 is hell amazing and eminent choice best metal guitar under 500 for the beginners by the Jackson JS series. Bolt maple neck with a basswood body and the fingerboard that is used in this guitar is rosewood. Jackson 6 strings have 24 jumbo frets and use humbucking pickups best inexpensive electric guitars.  With the sealed die-cast tone that helps you out to rock your sound gracefully with its unique design. Archtop dinky double-cutaway body looks decent and graceful among other high price tag products.

The bridge of Jackson JS22 has a bridge of 2 point tremolo one. Pickups on this guitar are used as the custom-built ceramic that gives you a good amplifier. Ensure performance and stability make it more famous among guitar lovers. To shape your quick sound here you also get master tone control and master volume control. Frets ends are a little sharp but adjustable and playable. So, you can easily go with top electric guitars under 200 this choice without getting worried about it.


Metal fan lovers now have an amazing selection of Jackson 6 String JS Series Dinky Arch Top JS22 Electric Guitar. Jackson a good brand name where you don’t need to know more about it. But the current guitar product is one of the knockoffs of original that have all quality features with little bit changes and sold out in the market at an affordable price for the guitar fans and lover. Pickups, bridge, neck, and body of this guitar have high quality and good performance.

  • Good quality as the price
  • Very playable Jackson JS series smooth neck guitar
  • Good sound with humbucking pickups
  • 24 jumbo frets
  • Only best for metal lovers.
  • String buzz bad


8. Squier Affinity Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Best Guitars For Jazz And Blues

This modern design which is comfortable to play is our last choice.  Yes, one of the best brands in an affordable guitar list. Squier Affinity Stratocaster has a modern look with the classical instrument and excellent choice for the beginners. The body is made with double cut with bolt maple neck. The different finish is available with the Squier affinity guitar that’s why you have different color options to select among all.

To make the guitar well worthy they also add an edge in the hardware and the products already come at affordable prices and one of the best mid range electric guitar. Single coil pickups and humbucker bridges are used in the guitar which might help you all to play easily especially to the beginners. The guitar has 5 pickup switching ways with master tone and volume control. The universal comfort style of playing is added with a C shaped profile. It became an aspiring choice of musician.


If you love the modern look that is comfortable and has a universal great sounding guitars profile. Then this C shaped electric guitar by Squier Affinity Stratocaster. Now, every beginner to a higher level has the option to come with this stunning choice that comes with single-coil pick up with three switching ways and master volume and tone controller. Through you can easily genres a good sound that you get from the high branded choice. If you go with this choice then surely it would be worthwhile for you lowest priced guitars.

  • Comfort universal C shape profile
  • You can make multiple genres of music
  • Have master tone and volume controller
  • 5 switching ways
  • Different finishing options
  • Have a classic double-cutaway design
  • A string broke on tuning
  • Claim that volume does not work


Summing It Up!

Are you searching for one smooth and comfortable electric guitar for playing and practicing? You find it hard to get high quality and reliable products at affordable prices and the best electric guitars under 200 pounds. Yes, most people are facing this problem and after spending a lot of hours searching them still unable to decide to purchase. Now, your wait is over with our best choice of the electric guitar. That might help you in the selection of best deals on electric guitars features, quality, and price.

You have the top 8 different best electric guitar choices. That has all top reviewed lists of already players that are with them. These affordable products give you all features that you are looking for in your dreamy smooth playing guitar. But we recommend you to keep your taste in mind than other features like a body, neck, pickups, bridge, and other features. After that explore the pros and cons of each product which surely will give you one best choice-value guitars overall.

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