Best Electric Guitars Of All Time

The 8 Best Electric Guitars of All Time Carry on 2020 Reviews

An electric guitar is always best for a beginner guitarist. Cause you can practice it by freehand or with AMP. So, if you are a beginner or mid-level guitarist, you should try with the electric guitar.

There comes a time in every guitarist’s life when they would be in search of the best electric guitars of all time, one that would feel like a natural part of their body when they play.

The best electric guitar isn’t one that just sounds good— it’s how it feels in your hands.

If you feel you’re ready for a new and better ax or are keen on starting your musical journey with an awesome electric guitar, check out the models I’ve reviewed below. All of these electric guitars have become fast favorites since they were released to the music-loving public. I am sure you’ll find one or two that would meet all of your requirements and fit your budget.

What To Have Look Buying Electric Guitar All Time?

Buying the best electric guitar of all time requires a good bit of research before you hit your local music store. This electric guitar guide for beginners includes the following specs:

  • Sounds

The guitar you choose should support the style you are going for. There is no direct formula to it as every little detail affects the sound. You need to get a guitar that suits your playing styles. Don’t forget to look at details like the tonewood, pickups, and strings.

  • Turing machines

Tuners or tuning machines are located on the headstock and are used to adjust string tension. These have to be high-quality and protected from rusting or corrosion. You will find chrome-plated tuners on good quality guitars. Some tuners are lockable at the nut and bridge.

  • Number of Frets

Most electric guitars have 22 frets on the fretboard. Some even have 24 frets where you can get a full octave above that of the 12 fret. The fretboard wood is important here because it has to be hard. Rosewood is the most common.

  • Some Extra Features

You also need to consider extra features such as fret scale and the number of frets. Usually, an electric guitar has 21, 22, or 24 frets. While frets are integral to the quality of music produced by your guitar, it is unnecessary to make adjustments to it unless you’re are experienced and find it absolutely necessary.

The Top 8 Electric Guitars of All Time

ProductBrandColorBody MaterialPrice
Fender American FenderButterscotch BlondeMaple
Donner DSTDonnerIvory WhiteBasswood
ESP LTD ECESP GuitarsBlackMahogany
Yamaha Pacifica YamahaTobacco SunburstAlder
WINZZ 30 InchesWINZZSunburstWood
Leo Jaymz LEO JAYMZUS FlagWood
Fender Player FenderButterscotch BlondeAlder
Squier by Fender FenderButterscotch BlondeWood

Our Top Pick Best Electric Guitars of All Time Reviews

The following are the best electric guitar of all time including all the popular brands of guitar. This review contains the top 7 electric guitars which are the best guitars to buy.

These top 8 guitars of all time include all the best guitar models in the world.

1. Fender American Professional – Telecaster Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar

Fender American Professional

The American Professional Telecaster, a part of the recently debuted Professional series, definitely lives up to its name. No one could say that this guitar wouldn’t be an asset to a professional musician. The fit and finish are considered to be excellent, and the hardware is reflective of the guitar’s price point.

This great guitar comes in with two Texas Special Tele pickups that actually enable you to play a range of music styles like country, blues, rock, or pop. The radius of the fretboard is 9.5 inches, and it has jumbo-sized frets for easy string bending. The satin-finish maple neck of this Telecaster gives it a modern look.

The modern “Deep C”- shaped neck profile feels just right in your hand while the narrow-tall frets make it easy to bend strings accurately and play perfectly intonated chords.


The Fender American Professional Telecaster Electric guitar is ideal for performing in a gig or a concert. The best of yesterday and today, the American Professional Telecaster is the latest form of electric inspiration from Fender. Hence, it is the best sounding electric guitars of all time.

  • Easy to play
  • Classic high-quality telecaster sound
  • Hardshell case
  • Expensive


2. Donner DST-100W Solid Body – Full-Size 39 Inch Electric Guitar Kit White

Donner Dst 100w Solid Body

If you’ve never played the electric guitar, you probably don’t have any of the supplies you need. That’s where this Donner Pack comes in handy. In addition to a full-size option, it also includes an amplifier, a strap, and a case. A set of strings, a cable, and picks complete the package, giving you a complete set of supplies.

This classic electric guitar’s body is made from basswood, an affordable material that creates a broad, balanced sound. The Canadian maple adds a crisp, clear tone, for a result that’s pleasing and even. The finishing touch is the ebony fingerboard, which looks beautiful and adds a hint of brightness to your playing. The C-shaped neck profile fits smoothly into your palm, creating a comfortable playing experience.


This is the best electric bass guitars of all time. Overall, this is the best guitar ever made. It is buttery smooth to play, looks great, and the pickups are fantastic.

  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • High-quality accessories
  • Sound great
  • Some of the fret edges stick out a little.


3. ESP LTD EC-256  – Electric Guitar Black

Esp Ltd Ec 256 

The brand was called Electric Sound Products (ESP) in 1975 with a store in Tokyo, Japan.

Now, it’s widely known as ESP Company, Limited. For more than 40 years now, this brand has reached to more than 100 countries selling their guitars, bass, and guitar cases.

With decades of experience and success, they are a trusted brand in the music industry, particularly for quality guitars.

There are a lot of budget guitars and it’s kind of tempting to jump right in without testing the waters. Fortunately, on that side of the buying spectrum, a Japanese brand can be trusted. And, it offers the mighty ESP LTD EC-256 with beautiful looks, pleasant sound quality, and excellent playability. No doubt, it is the best electric guitarists of all time.


The elegant finish is a head-turner. The electronics, hardware, playability, and versatility of the ESP LTD EC-256 are among its asset. Not to mention, it’s just a little money you need to chill out from your pocket! Hence, it is the best electric guitars ever made.

  • Look-wise, it’s fantastic
  • Very smooth neck and fretboard
  • Easy adjustment of the action
  • Bang for the buck guitar
  • Muffled sound of the pickups
  • Heavier than other electric guitars


4. Yamaha Pacifica PAC120H TBS Solid – Body Electric Guitar, Tobacco Sunburst, medium

Yamaha Pacifica Pac120h

Yamaha is one of the best musical instrument manufacturers in the world. So, you can assure its Pacifica series, particularly the Pac112V is of high quality.

Though it’s a mid-range guitar, it shares the same craftsmanship and quality sound with the high-end Yamaha guitars. Aside from its construction, it’s also very beginner-friendly.

Yamaha Pacifica Pac112V is a great guitar that can play at par with other entry-level guitars from Fender and Gibson. Even if this is very cheap, it’s not behind when it comes to sound quality and overall build. It’s lightweight, pretty sturdy, versatile, and playable. Hence, it is the best guitar ever.


If you are looking for a Strat-type guitar, but don’t want to break the bank? The Yamaha Pacifica Pac112V is the best one for you. It’s versatile, comfortable, and very easy to play. Budget-seekers may find this electric guitar a good value-for-money pick. Hence, it is the best electric guitars for beginners.

  • Neck is thin and smooth
  • Offers great tonal variety
  • Stays in tune for weeks
  • Lightweight
  • Little fret buzz on the 3rd string
  • Tone is thin


5. WINZZ 30 Inches Real Kids – Electric Guitar with Beginner Kit

Winzz 30 Inches Real Kids

The guitar is a kind of instrument that needs training from the earliest years of life.  It takes a lot of practice and dedication to be a professional at playing the guitar. Hence buying your kids this guitar is really a wise choice. Also, you can buy this guitar for gift purposes as well.

Rated for children between 4-10 years, the 20” of length and 21 fret design gives a feel of a professional guitar. Finally, the guitar has a top-notch build quality with a chrome alloy bridge and a fingerboard maple wood construction.


Moreover, no matter how you are experimenting with the playing style, tonal integrity is never compromised. Finally, give new wings to your creativity with the electric guitar that can do everything you want. Overall, it is the best-selling guitars of all time.

  • Designed for right-handed guitarists
  • Easy to use
  • double-cutaway styling.
  • high gloss varnish finish.
  • Expensive one


6. Leo Jaymz Full Size Single Cut – Electric Guitar with Amazing US Flag Sticker

Leo Jaymz Full Size

Leo Jaymz is a very young brand to the music industry, but they’ve made quite the statement with their flashy and patriotic guitar finishes. This full-size guitar for adults features the American flag in a sunburst design with a high gloss finish to really stand out from the crowd.

Obviously, its flag motif is the number one reason buyers are after this guitar. It looks good, it’s worthy as a wall-hanger, and it resonates with Americans. It’s also designed after Les Paul guitars with its wider, rounder neck, 24.75″ scale length, single cutaway, multi-layer white binding including the headstock, clipped design headstock, set-in neck, curved top, fixed bridge, humbucker pickups, pearl inlays, and mahogany body. Hence, it is the best electric guitar for all genres.


Although this greatest guitar is isn’t a complete starter package, it does come with a Leo Jaymz gig bag with foam padding, cable, and an extra set of electric guitar strings.  You’ll still need to buy an amp to get plugged in.

  • US flag design
  • Grover machine heads
  • Colored ball end strings
  • Accessories included
  • Quality control issues


7. Fender Player Telecaster Electric Guitar – Maple Fingerboard Buttercream

Fender Player Telecaster

A rock star on its own when it comes to guitar, dating as far back to 1946, Fender has been a staple name in the world of music and has touched almost all genres there is: rock ‘n’ roll, country and western, jazz, rhythm and even blues among other else.

From beginners and to professionals and even to collectors can attest to the beauty and quality that fender guitars offer to their users.

The Fender Modern Player Telecaster Electric Guitar features some nice variety usable tones, thanks to it versatile pickups consisting of a humbucking bridge, middle strat, and neck tele single coil. It’s 9.5″ and 22″ jumbo frets makes it easy to access low and high notes. Overall, this is definitely an electric guitar worth buying.


A popular guitar with a unique twist– if you are someone who has a taste for peculiar and unique items, as a guitar player, the Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus Electric Guitar is for you. Hence, this is the best guitar of all time.

  • Affordable
  • Ideal guitar for country pops
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Poor bridge pickup sound


8. Squier by Fender Affinity – Telecaster Butterscotch Blonde

Squier By Fender Affinity

The Squier Affinity Telecaster Electric Guitar is probably one of the best beginner electric guitars. It has a modern “C” shaped neck which provides enough comfort for players, two single-Coil telecaster pickups for great sound, combined with a great body that mimics the original telecaster design released in 1951.

From its great looks patterned from the original Fender Telecaster to its soul catching sound that surely resonates, the Affinity Series Telecaster is a top contender on the most recommended guitar for beginners at a very reasonable price.

This guitar boasts the quality of appearance, sound, and feels for a very low cost. To the heavy head to the chrome plating on both the bridge and control panel, the quality of its finish makes it a winner piece already!


With Squier Affinity Series Telecaster, one can never go wrong with the traditional aesthetic it offers and the classic features it provides. This affinity telecaster from Squier is the perfect first guitar for anyone who aspires to begin their endeavor into the art of playing electric guitar.

  • Quality at an affordable price
  • Solid build, very durable
  • Smooth neck
  • Great tele sound
  • Great intonation
  • Requires a little to no adjustments
  • Rough frets
  • Switch feels a bit flimsy


Summing It Up!

While this has been a long list packed with best electric guitars of all time to suit any requirement or budget, it’s by no means comprehensive – or final for that matter. Things change, and so too do our favorite guitars.

Selecting the best electric guitar is a personal experience with all the features and factors to consider depending on you. For me, Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster, Butterscotch Blonde is one of the most impressive instruments of its kind and the most versatile electric guitar.

This is the best electric guitar of all time as it produces clear and loud sounds. Furthermore, it comes with a unique design and high-quality materials used, which demonstrates its value.

Anyways the choice is all yours!

Good Luck!

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